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DescriptionThe airplane has two integrated drive generators (IDG) for the alternating current (ac) electrical power generating system channels. The channels are specified at 90 kilovoltamperes at the point of regulation, and supply 3 phase, 400 hertz (Hz), 115/200 volts (V) ac. Refer to Figure for an illustration of the IDGINTEGRATED DRIVE GENERATOR IDG发电机维修手册 CMM24 11 85
lubrication pump 滑油泵维修手册
GeneralThis section contains the description and operation of the lube module which is installed on the APU gearbox. It supplies lubrication oil to the APU generator, gearbox and the power section bearings. The lube module also pulls scavenge oil from these components to sends it back to the APU gearbox oil sump. lubrication pump 滑油泵维修手册CMM49 90 57,CMM49 91 49
Fuel Control Assembly 燃油控制器/燃调维修手册
Fuel Control AssemblyThe fuel control assembly is used in the APU fuel system with the flow divider to control the fuel flow to the APU. The fuel control assembly also supplies high pressure fuel to the inlet guide vane actuator assembly and the surge regulating valve to make the power necessary to position the load compressor inlet guide vanes and the surge regulating valve. (Codes A and B only) A de oiling solenoid valve controls pressure to the de oiling valve installed in the lube module.Fuel Control Assembly 燃油控制器/燃调维修手册CMM 49 30 91,CMM 49 32 04,CMM49 30 99,CMM49 31 20,CMM49 31 65
Pneumatic Unit 气动组件维修手册
## General DescriptionThe Temperature Control Valve (TCV) is driven by an electro mechanical actuator installed ona valve housing assembly.The TCV controls the bypass flow of the air cycle machine (ACM) to get the necessary pack dischargetemperature. Also, when an ACM failure occurs the TCV opens and decreases the pressure dropPneumatic Unit 气动组件维修手册CMM35 10 91,CMM49 52 13,CMM49 52 31,CMM49 52 35 ,CMM21 33 30,CMM21 33 33,CMM35 10 92,CMM35 10 93,CMM35 10 99,CMM35 11 79,CMM35 13 60,CMM35 13 61,CMM35 13 63,CMM35 13 74,CMM35 22 02,CMM 6 12 02,CMM21 53 53,CMM21 53 55,CMM35 22 09,CMM35 23 07,CMM35 31 55,CMM35 32 18,CMM36 11 23,CMM36 11 27,CMM36 11 59,CMM49 50 65,CMM49 50 95,CMM49 52 13,CMM49 52 29,CMM49 53 02
DescriptionA. The Leading Edge Slat Actuator Assembly is a double acting hydraulic actuator used to position the aircraft leading edge slat surfaces.B. An outer piston assembly attaches to a transfer tube which contains the inner piston. A bearing retains the outer piston in the housing assembly. A rod end with a visual locked position indicator is attached to the inner piston.C. A lock stud assembly, four lock segments, and a lock piston housed inside the inner piston form a lock mechanism to prevent inadvertent extension of the actuator.D. Hydraulic pressure is applied through the manifold and blocking valve assemblies, mounted to the actuator housing. HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY 液压作动器维修手册CMM 27 80 06,CMM 27 81 47,CMM 49 50 02
The leg assy-起落架、减震柱及电控箱维修手册
GeneralThe leg assy is the main component of the nose landing gear.It retracts forwards. It is of the built in shock absorber type and includes a ground operated steering control.The leg assy,ELECTRICAL BOX 起落架、减震柱及电控箱维修手册CMM32 27 19,CMM32 27 21,CMM32 27 24,CMM32 27 48,CMM32 32 37,CMM32 57 02,CMM32 57 07,CMM32 57 08,CMM32 57 09,CMM32 57 10,CMM32 57 13,CMM32 57 15,CMM32 57 17
VACUUM TOILET 真空马桶及组件维修手册
GeneralThe Toilet Assembly is part of an aircraft vacuum toilet system. When installed it connects to a waste pipe of a waste system. There are two types of toilet assembly, a TA9124 00 for LH installation and a TA9124 50 for RH installation. Both have the same function. The toilet assembly uses water to flush waste matter and clean the sides of the toilet bowl. When the toilet flush function operates, the flush water and waste in the bowl leaves an outlet pipe which is connected to the waste pipe. The toilet assembly uses an aircraft 28 VDC supply to operate component parts.VACUUM TOILET 真空马桶及组件维修手册CMM 38 32 24,CMM 38 32 25,CMM38 30 14,CMM38 30 20,CMM38 31 01,CMM38 31 04,CMM38 31 42,CMM38 31 53,CMM38 31 58,CMM38 31 61,CMM38 31 84,CMM38 31 85,CMM38 31 89,CMM38 32 23,CMM38 33 12,CMM38 34 20,CMM38 34 30,CMM38 34 41,CMM38 37 10,CMM_38 31 04,CMM_38 33 12
water heater、coffee makers 烧水器/咖啡机维修手册
DescriptionThe coffee maker is mounted in a separate rail assembly which in turn is bolted into the galley. Mounting the coffee maker in the rail assembly automatically connects the water supply, drain and electricity supply. The coffee maker is located into the rail by the locking pin operated by a lever. The coffee maker must be attached into the rail assembly by the locking pinwater heater、coffee makers 烧水器/咖啡机维修手册 CMM25 30 31, CMM25 31 82, CMM38 10 01, CMM25 31 49
Main Heat Exchanger 空气热交换器维修手册
Main Heat ExchangerThe main heat exchanger is an air to air heat exchanger used in the aircraft air conditioningsystem. The main heat exchanger has a core assembly with two pan assemblies welded tothe top and bottom and flanges welded on each side. The core assembly has bleed air finsand cooling air fins that are separated by plates to form hot and cold air passages that runperpendicular to each other through the main heat exchanger.Main Heat Exchanger 空气热交换器维修手册 CMM 21 52 12 ,CMM 21 52 26,CMM 21 52 30,CMM 21 50 14,CMM 21 51 38,CMM 21 51 40,CMM21 52 11 04
Fuel nozzles-燃油喷嘴维修手册
DescriptionEach nozzle assembly consists of a nozzle body, locating pin, spray tip assembly matched plate set (comprised of a primary plate, secondary plate and metering insert), atomizer nut retainer, atomizer nut, strainers and retaining rings. Each nozzle body supplies fuel to the spray tip assembly and supports the spray tip assembly in the proper position. The spray tip assembly is threaded onto the nozzle body. The strainers, held in position by the retaining rings, prevent contaminants from entering the spray tipFuel nozzles 燃油喷嘴维修手册 CMM49 30 01, CMM49 31 21, CMM73 10 05
Servovalves 伺服阀维修手册
Servovalves 伺服阀维修手册CMM27 10 01.pdfCMM27 20 06 Copy(31115 伺服阀).pdfCMM27 30 03 R10(31075 MOOG伺服阀).pdfCMM27 30 10.pdfCMM27 60 03.pdfCMM32 43 15 R6 (刹车伺服阀).pdfCMM32 43 83.pdfCMM32 43 84 Rev 2 F6137.pdfCMM32 47 55_F6137_CMM_001.pdfCMM32 50 02.pdfCMM32 57 01_F6137_CMM_012.PDF
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