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EC225 eurocopter -Helicopter 29章节 液压系统描述部分
EC225 eurocopter Helicopter maintenance manual 直升机维修手册 29章节 液压系统描述部分
S92 eurocopter -直升机维修手册 29章节
S92 eurocopter Helicopter maintenance manual 直升机维修手册 29章节 液压系统描述部分CHAPTER 29 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM INTRODUCTIONThe S 92 helicopter has three hydraulic systems providing between 3,800 to 4,000 pounds per squareinch (psi) of hydraulic pressure to operate the Main Rotor (MR) servos, Tail Rotor (TR) servos, StabilityAugmentation System (SAS) actuators, boost actuators, and to recharge the Auxiliary Power Unit(APU) start accumulator. The system consists of the No. 1 or first stage, No. 2 or second stage, and thebackup and utilities.
A119 -Helicopter maintenance manual-直升机维修手册
A119 Helicopter maintenance manual 直升机维修手册
bell 429 -Helicopter maintenance manual-直升机维修手册
bell 429 Helicopter maintenance manual 直升机维修手册429 MM 01 FRM.pdf429 MM 02 FRM.pdf429 MM 03 FRM.pdf429 MM 04 FRM.pdf429 MM CH01.pdf429 MM CH04.pdf429 MM CH05.pdf429 MM CH06.pdf429 MM CH07.pdf429 MM CH08.pdf429 MM CH09.pdf429 MM CH10.pdf429 MM CH11.pdf429 MM CH12.pdf429 MM CH18.pdf429 MM CH21.pdf429 MM CH22.pdf429 MM CH25.pdf429 MM CH26.pdf429 MM CH28.pdf429 MM CH29.pdf429 MM CH30.pdf429 MM CH32.pdf429 MM CH52.pdf429 MM CH53.pdf429 MM CH62.pdf429 MM CH63.pdf429 MM CH64.pdf429 MM CH65.pdf429 MM CH67.pdf429 MM CH71.pdf429 MM CH76.pdf429 MM CH79.pdf429 MM CH95.pdf429 MM CH96.pdf429 MM CH97.pdf429 MM CH98.pdf429 MM CH99.pdf429 MM TR02.pdf429 MM TR03.pdf429 MM TR04.pdf429 MM TR06.pdf429 MMS 02 TR01.pdf429 MMS 02.pdf429 MMS 03.pdf429 MMS 04.pdf429 MMS 05.pdf429 MMS 06.pdf429 MMS 07.pdf429 MMS 08 TR01.pdf429 MMS 08.pdf429 MMS 09.pdf
AS332 -Helicopter maintenance manual-直升机 空客AIRBUS
Hydraulic power generation systemsGeneral PRE MOD 0723817and POST MOD 0723817AS332 CC1LL1 0000 29 00 00 空客AIRBUSS92
ka-32A11BC -Helicopter maintenance manual-直升机
ka 32A11BC Helicopter maintenance manual 维修手册液压原理29 00 00 ka 32A11BC 直升机是战斗民族生产的重型直升机,结实耐用。
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